Women’s World Cup’s Lack Of Coverage


So I looked on the major website to get some updates on the Women’s World Cup and to my surprise I’m having a hard time finding anything on it.  Majority of the sites (ESPN, CBS Sports, Yahoo! Sport) didn’t have anything on the home page showing results or what’s going on in the World Cup.  Only site that had real coverage is Fox and that’s only because they are showing the matches on their networks.

The lack of support for the women’s US soccer team is surprising.  They are the number 2 team in the World.  They have accomplished much more than the men’s team yet they are not getting nowhere near the support that the men’s team got during the men’s World Cup.  The men’s team was a long shot to win the World Cup but everyone still supported them.  The men’s team was 100/1 bet to win the World Cup but the women’s team is 5/2.  Media coverage was everywhere for the men’s World Cup and that is pretty good being that soccer is not the most popular sport here in the US.

This country loves to prove its dominance in sports so when we have a team that clearly can prove that we usually jump behind them but I am not seeing it this time.  I don’t want to think it’s a gender issue.  There are other sports that the women’s team has been historically better than the men’s and we show more support to the women’s team because of that.  The perfect example is gymnastics.  The women’s team is consistently covered but not much is spoke of the men’s team.  But gender still is the only thing that comes to mind of why there isn’t any coverage of the women’s World Cup.

That is why it is confusing that the Women’s World Cup is not getting the attention it deserves.  Now that the NBA and NHL playoffs are over, hopefully the media will now so more support for the women’s soccer team.  It would be a tragedy for them to actually win the World Cup and nobody really knows because they aren’t supporting it in the sports media like they should.

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