Too Late To Do Anything About Greg Hardy

Greg Hardy

The Dallas Cowboys played the Sunday Night Football game against the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday.  Earlier this week the photos of the domestic violence case against the Cowboy’s Greg Hardy were made public and you could only expect that the incident and the photos would be a topic of conversation in the announcers booth.

Since the release of the photos the whole incident is like a replay of the Ray Rice incident.  What made the two incident similar is the reaction from the initial reporting to the reaction after visual evidence was made public.  With Ray Rice, the initial reporting came with the short video that didn’t show Ray Rice hitting his girlfriend at the time.  But then later after punishment had been dealt out by the NFL and the courts, the full video surfaced and everyone wanted Rice’s head for what he had done.  So the same thing transpired with Greg Hardy.  He was able to avoid punishment from the courts and was suspended 10 games from the NFL, that was later reduced to 4 games, then the photos of the incident became public and everyone is calling for his head.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith jumped on TV and states the Dallas Cowboys need to cut Greg Hardy.

And he is not alone. Everyone is jumping on their soap boxes and demanding that the Cowboys and the NFL do something about Hardy being able to play in the NFL.

Here is my problem with the sudden demand to have Hardy removed from the league. In no way do I condone what Greg Hardy had done. I thought the Cowboys or any other NFL team should not have signed him to a contract no time soon. He has done nothing to show that he knows what he did was wrong and that he would do whatever is asked of him so that he may continue to play in the NFL. If you read all the reports about the incident it didn’t take much imagination to know that it was an awful incident. There was plenty of detail about what he did and said to Nicole Holder during the incident. You didn’t need to see visual evidence to know it was a cowardly act. Yet still some felt after the NFL dished out his punishment and he served his suspension that he should be allowed to play on a team if they were willing to sign him. And the Cowboys did. Now the pictures surface and everyone is screaming that he doesn’t deserve to be in the NFL anymore.

The problem is why did it take to see the pictures to come to that conclusion. If the initial outcry to have Hardy removed from the League was as strong as it is now since the pictures have become public there is no way that an NFL team would risk their image by signing him regardless of how talented he is. He beat the system. There is nothing that can be done about it now. Stop saying that the NFL and/or the Dallas Cowboys need to do anything about Greg Hardy being able to play the rest of the season. Save your energy and voice for the off season because he is only on a one year deal with the Cowboys and they have not signed him to any kind of extension beyond this year. So next year he could be watching the NFL games at home like the rest of us.

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