RGIII And Washington Need To Split


The union of Robert Griffith III and the Washington Redskins needs to come to an end.  The season can’t end fast enough for these two.  Both sides look ridiculous.  RGIII just doesn’t seem to get that he needs to do some maturing if he wants to continue to be a starting NFL quarterback.  Washington needs to figure out how to get him back to playing like his first season instead of the horrible support they have shown him.

Griffith started his NFL career saying and doing all the right things and it showed in his play and in his interaction with the media.  He became the darling of the NFL.  Now there is no sign of that person.  He started to drink is own kool-aide and it became all about RGIII.  He stopped being accountable for his own play and put blame on everyone else.  Reports have came out that his o-line don’t like him very much and that is a huge problem. Offensive lineman are known to be the ones that always has the QB’s back.  They do whatever they need to do to protect that guy.  But RGIII isn’t getting that.  I’m not saying they are just letting him get hit and pushed around but I doubt they are giving 110% to ensure no one touches him.

Washington tried last year to replace Griffith but found that Kirk Cousins was not the answer and Colt McCoy was better then Cousins but still was not going to get them consistent wins.  So RGIII was and still is the most talented QB on the roster.   So this year they had no option but to name him the starter and once again it is starting off like a disaster.   There is no way that Jay Gruden and RGIII are both part of the team for the 2016 season.  The owner has to make a choice and some believe that Griffith still has the owner’s ear regardless of hius bad play.

The season doesn’t look very promising for Washington so they could have the chance to pick a QB in the 2016 Draft.  If they were to not bring RGIII back there isn’t much hope that he gets picked up for another starting position.  And only person he can blame is himself.  He chooses not to ignore all the naysayers but doesn’t prove them wrong by playing well.

I doubt Griffith makes it to the end of the season as the starter.  If that was to happen I doubt they bring him back.  It is a relationship that has ran its course and needs to come to an end.

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