Ray Rice Still Needs A Team

Ray Rice

There is the thought that Ray Rice is not on a NFL team because of the horrible video of him hitting his now wife in an elevator.  But that is partially why he not on a team.  The biggest reason is he played his last full season like an average running back.  He had a total of only 660 yards for the 2013 season and averaged only 3.1 yards per carry.  With Rice as the featured running back, the Baltimore Ravens were last in the league for average yards per carry, and 30th in the league for yards per game.

There are plenty of teams that are in need of a good running back.  The Houston Texans just lost Arian Foster to a groin injury so that is just one example of a team that needs a running back that can produce.  The problem is the last time anyone saw Ray Rice play he wasn’t doing very well.  He just recently told NBC’s Rodney Harrison that he had a hip flexor injury during that 2013 and that was the cause of his low production for the season.

NFL teams have always been forgiving for individuals with proven talent.  Even though Greg Hardy still had his legal issues still looming over him the Dallas Cowboys still signed him to a contract because they needed good players on the defensive side of the ball.  The Vikings didn’t let Adrian Peterson go even though the pictures of his son with whelps painted a horrible picture.  He had too much talent to just let go.  Once everything played out in the courts and with the NFL office they stated clearly that they wanted Adrian Peterson to remain a Viking.

Ray Rice doesn’t need to convince a team that the incident with his wife was a one-time problem and that it will not happen again.  He needs to convince teams that his 2013 season was an anomaly and that he can still play as a top tier running back.  Even with the running back position not being as critical a position as it has in the past, every team needs a good running game to try to balance out the offense and keep it from being too predictable.  He convinces a team he can help do that then he will definitely find himself on a new team.

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