Marshawn Lynch Retires During Super Bowl Halftime

Marshawn Lynch

The NFL has been known to not be happy when teams and players do things that distract from events that it has going on. The first week of the Super Bowl coverage was mainly about Cam Newton and how other people perceived him. The NFL would have rather had it be more about the two teams and the upcoming game.

Well during halftime of the Super Bowl, Seattle Seahawk’s RB Marshawn Lynch sent out a tweet that had everyone talking. He tweets out a picture of some cleats hanging and a peace out emoji.

Everyone started speculating that this was Marshawn’s way of saying that he has played his last year in the NFL. The way he announced his retirement is no surprise because Marshawn has always done things his own way.

It’s a pretty good chance that the NFL was definitely not happy that he took attention away from the game and the halftime show. There were just as many people talking about this cryptic retirement tweet then there was talking about Beyonce and Bruno Mars performance with Coldplay. The NFL does not like to overshadowed or share the stage with anyone. So may this was Lynch last chance to stick to the NFL before he heads out.

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