LeBron James, Best Player Of Just This Generation

james jordan

By going to his 5 straight NBA Finals, LeBron James continues to add to an already great legacy.  He is no doubt the best player of this generation.  The problem is that is where the conversation needs to end but it doesn’t.  Everyone continues to want to compare the careers of Michael Jordan and LeBron James.  Even though the amount of time separating their careers is not that long they still played in two completely different eras of basketball.

The NBA of the 90s is different from today’s current era of the NBA.  The game has evolved and because of that comparing James to Jordan is unfair to James.  Jordan is a basketball icon.  His play in the 90’s made the NBA an international game.  Everybody wanted to do everything that Jordan did.  Both on and off the court Jordan was the most popular sports athlete in the world.  It can be debated that James may be that now but there was no question that Jordan was in the 90’s.  For a while now Jordan has been considered the best player ever and in a lot of people’s eyes that will not change any time soon.  But even with Jordan it’s hard to say he was better than Wilt Chamberlain or Bill Russell because they played in different eras then him.  You talk to some older gentlemen that grew up watching those to and they may say that Jordan isn’t better.

James and Jordan’s style of play and attitude toward the game is completely different.  Jordan was extremely competitive and very serious about the game.  Kobe would be the closest player today with a similar demeanor.  James is more of a team player and likes to have fun when he can.  You’re much less likely to see James yell and scream at teammates for not doing something right.  That type of behavior was common for Jordan.

When James’ career ends he will go down as one of the best players to ever play the game.  It shouldn’t go any further than that.  James has not been a game changing player but instead is a one in a lifetime player.  His ability and physical attributes have not been seen in the NBA and there is no telling if it will be again.  That is what makes him unique and considered the best player on the planet for his era.  That is it, just his era.

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