DeAndre Jordan Shows Problem With NBA Moratorium

DeAndre jordan

The NBA free agency has not been without drama.  The biggest story out of it came yesterday.  Clippers center DeAndre Jordan had made a verbal agreement to sign a max contract with the Dallas Mavericks.  The Mavericks were excited about the new addition and were giving Jordan all kinds of praise.  The Clippers on the other hand were not taking his leaving well.  During a radio interview J.J. Reddick gave his team an F minus for their free agency efforts because they were unable to retain the services on Jordan.  Before free agency reached the date that free agents can actually put pen to paper, Jordan started expressing doubts about joining the Mavs.  The Clippers saw their opportunity and jumped on it.  Next thing we know Jordan ditched the Mavs and resigned with the Clippers.

All this shows that the NBA free agency has a major flaw.  The free agency moratorium is a problem and DeAndre Jordan shows everyone why.  During the moratorium free agents can verbally agree with teams on a contract but they can’t sign the contract to make it binding.  99% of the time the free agent keeps the verbal agreement and signs the contract when able.  Beside Jordan there have been other instances of a player deciding to go somewhere else after giving another team a verbal agreement.  But this is the first for a player that was offered a max contract.

The Dallas Mavericks are not put in a whole compared to other teams when it pertains to free agency.  If they had second or third options for a free agent if they weren’t able to get a verbal agreement from Jordan, they most likely have already found a team.  I doubt that they would have easily let Tyson Chandler go if they knew that they weren’t going to land Jordan.  Now what’s left isn’t anything that will make your team a contender, especially being in the Western Conference.

The NBA is the only major sport that has a buffer between when free agency starts and when players can actually sign contracts.  If all the others sports have figured it out and has not had any major issues why can’t the NBA.  It’s a pretty good bet that Mavs’ owner Mark Cuban is definitely going to bring this up to Commissioner Adam Silver.

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