Greg Hardy

Too Late To Do Anything About Greg Hardy

The Dallas Cowboys played the Sunday Night Football game against the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday.  Earlier this week the photos of the domestic violence case against the Cowboy’s Greg Hardy were made public and you could…


RGIII And Washington Need To Split

The union of Robert Griffith III and the Washington Redskins needs to come to an end.  The season can’t end fast enough for these two.  Both sides look ridiculous.  RGIII just doesn’t seem to get…

Ray Rice

Ray Rice Still Needs A Team

There is the thought that Ray Rice is not on a NFL team because of the horrible video of him hitting his now wife in an elevator.  But that is partially why he not on…

Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson And His Unrealistic Expectations

The drama surrounding Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings continues.  Adrian Peterson seems to feel that the team didn’t do enough to support him during the legal issues he had that claim he abused his…


Can’t Push RG3 Out the Door Just Yet

Week 2 of the NFL season, Robert Griffith III goes out the game with an ankle injury and in comes Kirk Cousins.  He puts up outstanding numbers and Washington wins the game.  Week 3, Washington…

Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch Wants The Money

We are one day into training camp and we have a player that is holding out for more money. Is this really anything new. Seattle Seahawk running back Marshawn Lynch is not planning on reporting…

Legion of Boom

NFL Continues Shackling the Defense

NBC Profootballtalk’s Mike Florio writes that the NFL will be implementing the Legion of Boom rule. The rules is intended to throw more flags for illegal contact made by defensive players on receivers.

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