Adrian Peterson And His Unrealistic Expectations

Adrian Peterson

The drama surrounding Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings continues.  Adrian Peterson seems to feel that the team didn’t do enough to support him during the legal issues he had that claim he abused his young son.  The team placed him on the League’s Exempt List until the legal matter was resolved.  He was eventually suspended by the NFL but that was later overturned.

With amount of media coverage the abuse case garnered and the losing of sponsors, the Vikings had no choice but to distance themselves from Peterson.  Everyone was still in a roar about the Ray Rice incident so anything that was remotely close to domestic violence from an NFL player was going to be front page news.  The Vikings had to do what was best for the organization.

Word keeps coming out Peterson wants to be traded because he feels the organization was not in his corner during the whole incident.  When you’re not hearing that he wants to be traded your hearing he want more money now.  This just makes Peterson look bad.  Instead of being grateful and ready to get back to work he has shown an arrogant attitude.  It’s like he doesn’t see how bad the situation looked.  Could go further with it and think that Peterson still doesn’t see that he went too far with the disciplining of his child.

The incident in the fall hurt Adrian Peterson’s image but what he is doing now is hurting it much worse.  Fans don’t want to root for a player that feels they are entitled, especially after being accused of something that is already a divided topic.  Peterson and his agent need to stop talking and just play out the season.  Let his on the field performance so that you are deserving of more money.

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